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POSITION: Community Officer/ Mobilizer

LOCATION: Nyimba / REDD+ site

PROJECT: USAID Community Forests Program (CFP)

REPORTING TO: Community Engagement Manager

CONTRACT TYPE: 1 years, renewable


BCP is seeking a dynamic, talented, hard-working individual to join our Community Engagement Team as a Community Officer/Mobilizer, to support community-based activities at field-based REDD+ projects at the Nyimba Site. This position involves with frequent travel within rural areas in Eastern Province in basic camping conditions. He/she must be interested in community engagement, and must be very comfortable with working in remote, rural, field-based locations. This is an Equal Employment Opportunity and applicants will be evaluated based on technical qualifications.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Coordination of schedule meetings, collect and share information
  • Collection of data and basic reporting on community engagement and project impacts.
  • Records-keeping and data management
  • Participation in PLA techniques for community engagement, involvement in land-use planning
  • Information sharing, sensitization, consultation and engagement
  • Able to work in rural setting with initiative and facilitate development at chiefdom level.
  • Assist in planning, coordination and equipment and partner management for field-trips


  • Literacy – able to read, write, undertake basic reporting, financial and data-collection activities.
  • Demonstrated experience and/or interest with community engagement, mobilization and/or environmental programs.
  • Fluency in relevant local languages (Eastern Province) (Officers require fluent English).
  • Able / willing to ride a motorbike: valid motorbike license OR willing to obtain a license.
  • Willingness to travel in the Chiefdom, including riding a motorbike, camping in basic conditions and working in remote and/or forested areas.
  • Officer candidates must possess a completed certificate / diploma / academic course and/or at least 1-year professional work experience is preferred.

Compensation: A competitive remuneration will be offered.

Application Process: Interested, qualified candidates, please send a Cover Letter and CV (list of qualifications) to the CFP Office in Nyimba, and/or submit to, with Community Officer/Mobilizer – Nyimba in the title. Deadline: 18th April 2017.



POSITION: International Sales & Marketing Manager

LOCATION: Flexible with International Travel

PROJECT: USAID Community Forests Program (CFP)



BioCarbon Partners (BCP) is a social enterprise which develops and manages long term forest carbon projects in Zambia. BCP monetizes the forests’ values through its key product: Forest Carbon Offsets (FCOs), or Verified Emission Reductions (VERs). Ancillary products/services include tourism development, forest and agricultural supply chain development. BCP’s hallmarks are focus on dryland forest REDD+ projects in Africa. BCP has certified Zambia’s first pilot REDD+ demonstration project known as the ‘Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project’ to CCB triple gold standards (validation) and VCS verification; the first project in Africa with these certifications.

In addition, BCP has partnered with USAID/ZAMBIA in the implementation of an innovative solution to develop and verify a minimum of additional 700,000 hectares (ha) across three Provinces in Zambia, and to sustain long-term community-based REDD+ benefits through the Community Forests Program (CFP).

BCP counts the BioCarbon Group (Macquarie Bank, World Bank IFC, and Global Forest Partners) as a strategic partner in the Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project. BCP has begun selling VERs from Zambia to international clients and is on a path to sound financial footing with strong technical expertise and international partners. Currently, BCP owns the right to transact (sell) credits worth about 300,000 tons from its existing site, and it is anticipated that this will grow to at least 2 million tons per annum from 2018 when new USAID/CFP sites will be developed and provide credit supply. This volume would equal to about $10 – $12 million in annual revenue according to today’s market prices.

Additionally, CFP is facilitating the development of other commercial ventures which would contribute to conservation of selected areas and livelihoods of local communities, such as tourism, and processed forest and agricultural products.

BCP is seeking an energetic, creative, self-motivated and highly skilled individual for an International Sales & Marketing Manager position. This position could be based in major target market (US or Europe), and the candidate will be responsible for both local and international sales as well as complete range of marketing/media communications.


– Develop & implement focused international sales activities for VERs.
– Attend selected industry events (internationally) to promote BCP and sell VERs.
– Coordinate BCP sales activities and strategies with other BCP brokers, advisors, and partners.
– Identify potential corporate, institutional and even-based customers and develop relationships with them; including with a variety of multinational companies to promote BCP and sell VERs.

Marketing and Communications
– Assist and guide development of marketing and communications materials through print and digital media to assist with international sales efforts.
– Contribute to implementation of social media communications system though Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. for program promotion.

– Ensure brand identity & corporate standards are maintained through all marketing communications.

Basic Qualifications
– Sales & Marketing experience preferably in tourism, corporate, natural resource or travel sectors.
– Bachelor’s degree or higher in sales/marketing, mass communications, public relations from an accredited university.
– Minimum of five years work experience in development and implementation of public information and education programs, preferably – related to natural resources;
– Experience in compiling a range of marketing and communications media applicable used to inform a wide range of audiences including for potential buyers, investors, communities, the general public, and program partners.
– Exceptional writing and communications skills.
– Familiarity with natural resources and conservation issues.
– Experience in tourism promotion will be an advantage.
– Experience developing and promoting community-based messaging will be an advantage.


A competitive incentive-based compensation package aligned with the performance targets will be offered. Interested candidates, please send a copy of your CV and a cover letter explaining how you match these requirements by email to with International Sales & Marketing Manager in the subject line. Send relevant samples that will make your application standout. Extra effort and personal touches will be looked upon favourably.

This vacancy is open until position is  filled 


POSITION: Senior Conservation Coordinator

LOCATION: Mfuwe / REDD+ Site (HQ)

PROJECT: USAID Community Forests Program (CFP)


CONTRACT TYPE: 2 years, renewable

SUPERVISORS: Conservation Coordinator, Conservation Managers and Conservation Officers

BCP (BioCarbon Partners) is a social enterprise which develops and manages long term forest carbon projects in Zambia.

BCP’s mission is “making African forests valuable to people”. BCP is seeking a dynamic, talented, hard-working individual to serve as a Senior Conservation Coordinator (SCC) for REDD+ activities at field-based REDD+ projects in Luangwa-Zambezi ecosystem, which includes about 750,000 hectares of mostly community-owned land in several districts (Mambwe, Lundazi, Nyimba, Rufunsa). Most of these areas are located in Game Management Areas bordering national parks, governed by the agreements between the communities, Government of Zambia, and BCP. The SCC shall oversee all conservation activities for all sites with a sole objective of achieving forest protection and reduced deforestation in REDD+ protected areas. The objective is to set up and manage these areas within a long-term timeline (30 years). This position involves frequent travel to all project sites to ensure congruence in policy formulation and adherence.

This is an Equal Employment Opportunity and applicants will be evaluated based on technical qualifications.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop Site Management Plans (SMPs), which will include effective security systems and plans, in close association with partners, including local communities, and to oversee the implementation thereof.
  • Lead and oversee all aspects of landscape-level REDD+ management and planning processes, including implementing land management, security operations, capacity building, community and stakeholder engagement, forest monitoring coordination, biodiversity monitoring systems, GRZ engagement, and infrastructure development.
  • Successful management and administration of REDD+ Zones in BCP sites in Lusaka and Eastern Provinces.
  • Ensure effective conservation sensitization and outreach through BCP’s Community Engagement Team.
  • 100% effective conservation asset management.
  • Ensure ongoing community commitment to and sound enforcement of all signed REDD+ Agreements at all sites.


  • Graduate-level or above in Social Conservation / Natural Resources Management (or similar) from a recognized institution.
  • An experienced and sound Conservation Practitioner.
  • Demonstrated minimum 10 years’ experience in conservation related fields.
  • Strong reporting, communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong organisational skills with a high operational and leadership acumen.
  • Advanced computer literacy (plus the use of GPS and Android devices).
  • Experience working with USAID projects is a plus.
  • Valid driver’s license and demonstrated ability to drive in all seasons in rural conservation areas.

Compensation: A competitive remuneration will be offered.

Application Process: Interested candidates should send a Cover Letter and CV to, with Senior Conservation Coordinator in the title. Deadline: 31 st March 2017.


REQUEST FOR QUOTES: Production of Promotional Video (download as a PDF)

Application Process: Quotations and proposal and must be received no later than 5:00PM on Friday, March, 31st 2017 by email.  All submissions must be emailed to  Please reference the RFQ No. 714 (CFP RFQ_714) in any response to this RFP.  Submissions will only be reviewed if they have completed Sections 3, 4, and 5 below.


General notice on communications pertaining to all positions:

Due to a high volume of communications and correspondence, BCP may possibly only communicate with short-listed individuals concerning the status of their application. Please send any specific queries to However, we cannot guarantee a response to every application submitted.