The BCP Trust is a separate, not-for-profit legal entity affiliated with BCP.  BCP Trust’s role is to support community projects linked to BCP’s overall forest protection efforts.  BCP Trust works with community stakeholders to address the root causes of deforestation,  and to design and implement projects to make forest conservation valuable to people. 

One such project is Eco-Charcoal™. Started in 2012, the Eco-charcoal™ project was developed to directly address unsustainable charcoal production as one of the major drivers of deforestation in Zambia. Since then, the Eco-charcoal™ project has continued to grow and improve, through ongoing partnerships with BCP, Forestry Department, Musika and Peace Parks Foundation.

As a not-for-profit organization that aspires to achieve community benefits linked to forest protection, BCP Trust seeks additional funding—in the form of grants and donations—for community-based projects attached to BCP’s REDD+ Projects.


If your would like to learn more or donate to the BCP Trust send us an email at