Founded in 2012, BCP is a mission-driven forest conservation company, who, along with our partners are jointly trying to address deforestation in wildlife-rich areas of Zambia.

BCP’s mission is to make conservation of wildlife habitat valuable to people.  Over the past 9 years we have emerged as one of the leading REDD+ developers in Africa.  Few companies globally have VCS verified a REDD+ project 7 times: BCP is one such company. 

BCP’s mission is a deeply personal one for our founder, Dr. Hassan Sachedina. Born and raised in Kenya, Hassan’s mother introduced him to rural Africa and ingrained in him a deep love for African people and wildlife.


Hassan began his career working on rhino conservation.  He volunteered on rhino sanctuaries in Kenya, with the Kenya Wildlife Service Rhino Capture Unit, and with Save the Rhino Trust in Namibia.  His first job was running the Selous Rhino Trust in Tanzania.  The adventure of charging through the bush with helicopters and trucks, fighting to save rhinos, was a dream come true.  But, his initial idealism was dampened by the reality on the ground, especially after witnessing rural villages resisting conservation efforts after forceful evictions.

Hassan undertook his PhD thesis on conservation efforts in Tanzania’s Tarangire ecosystem to examine why communities persistently lived in conflict with conservation. Hassan’s PhD thesis was a key turning point for him. He realised that for conservation to be successful, it needed to be built on community partnership and incentives to make it economically viable to people.

BCP was born out of an intense passion for African conservation and supporting it through a market driven approach.

With world class national parks, and vast but rapidly disappearing forests, Zambia was chosen as the country to lay the foundation of BCP in early 2012. We didn't have a glamorous start. Our initial core team worked out of a living room before moving our office into a tiny garden shed behind a donor's office. Yet, we brought grit and a strong commitment to showing that these forests were more valuable standing than cut down.

The Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project was our initial pilot project. Since its inception, we have gone on to achieve unique milestones for both Zambia and Africa by becoming the first Verified Carbon Standard verified project in the country and then going on to achieve another 7 consecutive verifications. LZRP was also the first REDD+ project in Africa to earn gold level validation against all 3 categories for the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard for our exceptional community level and environmental  impacts. We are most proud of our community impacts, that wildlife numbers are increasing in the Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project, and of our hard-working and committed team.

BCP now employs over 200 people working across 13 Chiefdoms in two Provinces in Zambia working on the front-lines to help conserve close to 1 million hectares of threatened wildlife habitat.

In 2015 we achieved another unique milestone when the Lower Zambezi National Park became the first park in the world to go carbon neutral from operations.  In 2017, we became the world’s third highest ranked B Corp for our social and environmental impacts.

The Luangwa Community Forests Project (LCFP) is our second project that has recently been verified towards the end of 2019. The project covers close to 1 million hectares making this the largest REDD+ project in Africa. The project has also achieved CCB Triple Gold for exceptional community impact. 

The past nine years have been hard work. Yet with the support of our partners, we are making forest conservation valuable to people.

We prioritize trusted partnerships.  It’s in our name.

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