4.7 TONs OF CO₂

emitted on average from driving a car for one year in the USA


emitted per passenger on a roundtrip flight between New York City and London

18 TONs OF CO₂

emitted on average by a family of four per year in the USA

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Purchase offsets from:

Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project

The Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project is the first, and currently only, Verified Carbon Standard verified REDD+ project in Zambia.


Luangwa Community Forests Project

Protecting 748,000 hectares of forest, the Luangwa Community Forests Project is on its way to becoming the largest REDD+ project in Zambia.

Not available for purchase yet.

Meet our sales partner, First Climate

BCP and leading carbon offset trader, First Climate, have partnered to help make forest conversation valuable to people. As part of the collaboration, First Climate will exclusively market and trade the carbon offsets from our Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa REDD+ projects. By bundling our specific skills together, First Climate and BCP are together committing to the conservation of Zambia's vital ecosystems.

Visit the First Climate website.

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The research and technology used in the generation of these carbon offsets were made possible with funding by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Community Forests Project (CFP). The stats on this page are from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Nature Conservancy. To calcaute your carbon footprint use the carbon calculator at